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Hi I'm Fritz Horstman, 20 years old and I want to show everyone that YOU can build muscle on a plan-based diet!
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my philosophy

Being healthy and building muscle with plants.
"Building muscle with plants is easy "
  • 70% of Muscle gain comes from the kitchen

    Adjust your diet, so your body will grow better than ever on a plant-based diet. It is even scientifically shown that athletes perform better on a vegan diet.

  • 30% is the right Training

    Push yourself in the gym, make progress, progressively overload on the key lifts and your muscles will grow. You will build lean tissue and look better than ever. ;)

  • 100% healhty body and healthy mind

    Eating plant-based is not just about saving the planet and the animals. You will also live longer and happier because the diet also affects your mind, which will have a much more positive outlook.

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