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Learn everything about me and my fasting experience


Hi I'm Fritz Horstman, 19 years old and I fast everyday.

At 16 I started to exercise and just as many others I didn't really know what to do.

I was tall and skinny and wanted fast results.
So after joking around for about 1 year gaining some strength and some muscle mass I decided to go serious: full on bulk mode.
It was scary how much food I ate.
The end of the story:
I put on a lot of weight which was good, but it was mostly fat.

I was searching for a way to easily diet down and still mantain my strength.
That's when I stumbled across Intermittent fasting and I have never looked back since!
Follow me through my ongoing journey with fasting and I promise you it will impact your life positively.

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my philosophy

How You can enjoy Life to the fullest
"Change your life with fasting"
  • Fast for 16 hours

    Don’t listen to the breakfast industry, telling you cereal full of sugar is neccessary to start the day! Skip breakfast, feel productive & light throughout the day by fasting til 4pm..

  • enjoy the 8 hour eating window

    Reward yourself with huge meals at the end of the day and…

  • Live life to the fullest while getting in shape

    Achieve the best ondition you ever had both mental & physical

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